Ongoing Comics


The Almanacker is a simple tale of a guy with a chip in his shoulder. Literally?

New science fiction from Eoin Stephens.


After Yesterday is one of Ireland’s longest webcomics, following Margo’s rise to stardom with her band as she navigates nerves, nostalgia and dating.

Brought to you by Jaime Lalor!


Aaron Fever‘s Sci-fi comedy-drama Ship Wrecked, that asks the question, “What if The Office was set in space?”


Let’s go to the murder mall. It’ll be fine they said. It’ll be fun.

And they were right.

Valerie is a ghostly drama set in an abandoned mall, the site of a brutal murder a town can’t forget. Brought to you by Rebecca Reynolds!


Hey kids, you like superheroes?

Well, Marco’s trying to be one. He’s not very good, yet. His powers come from evil. It’s complicated.

Marco the Demon Dude is a magic-meets-superpowers beat-em-up adventure from Cork’s Kevin M. Smith and a cohort of artists. (Not that Kevin Smith, but this one is nice too.)

Complete Comics

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The Bed
Blood Bounty
Child’s Play
Dead Ringer
Mactir VS Religion
Mr & Mrs Van Helsing
Sredni Veshtar
Ten Years Later
The Fiend in the Forest
The World Ends With You
Tigers of Tuamerick
Triassic Field