A showcase of Irish comics.

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Who made this site and why?

In 2020, along with everything that happened, the site founders were put into the position of not having conventions to show off their stories or a means by which they could easily mingle. (As easily as you can get when it comes to artists, at least…)

A regular video chat began, and out of that came the idea of IrishComics.ie, though it went through several dozen name variations before the realisation that the domain name was available.

The site was set up with a simple goal: create a space for Irish comic creators to show off their work through a shared platform.

In July 2021, the first comics began appearing on the site. The full archive can be found here.

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Support IrishComics.ie

Every Saturday from April 2023, you can read our new Super Secret Saturday Comic on our Patreon.

Gnoman the Barbarian is the brainchild of Hugh Madden, one of the site’s founders, and co-creator of Mr and Mrs Van Helsing.

The funds from our Patreon will primarily be used to cover the basic costs of running the website, before being applied to commission new exclusive comics from Irish creators. In the same way our Open Calls allow us to support creators in the making of their comics, our long-term goal with the Patreon will be to provide paid opportunities for Irish comic creators to tell their own stories.

Check out the Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=87512523

At the same time, we’re always accepting new work to the site.

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