Who are we, and what is this site?

IrishComics.ie was founded to help a bunch of Irish comic creators share their work and potentially their audiences. The four founding members – Aaron Fever, Clare Foley, Hugh Madden and Paul Carroll – took the approach of old-school blogs to turn the usual methods of sharing comics on their heads. Algorithms be damned.

This site features a simple process: every weekday, a comic page is published.

Over time, short stories, graphic novellas and cherished web comics will be shared across IrishComics.ie.

How to get involved

We have a schedule in place, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t flexible in our approach. Being the spreadsheet-enthusiast that he is, Paul maintains the roster of comics appearing on the site. If you have a short story you’d like to share on a weekly basis, get in touch through the Contact page and we can discuss how to make it work.

Comics published on IrishComics.ie are done so with the creators’ advance consent, under a non-exclusive agreement for the lifetime of the website.

Fan-works will not be published through the site.

Where can I find out more about Irish comics in general?

So glad you asked!

Comix Ireland is the website run by Paul Carroll. It functions as a directory of Irish comic creators and a resource website for comic creators in general.

Comix Ireland also covers news about Irish comics, and creator interviews.

Irish Comic News is run by David Ferguson and Stephen Ward.

Irish Comic News includes reviews of books by Irish comic creators, interviews with creators, and news about Irish comics.

Geek Ireland is one of Ireland’s longest running sites dedicated to geek culture, including comics. The site are involved in running panels at Dublin Comic Con.

The Arcade is primarily a gaming site, though its geek culture content covers comics.

The site used to run ArcadeCon, until its final event in 2015.

A Sample of Comic Events

Ireland has a lot of conventions. A lot. Many of them are geared towards Anime and/or gaming. The site founders can usually be found at at least one of the following events during the year (at least in the before times!)

The Dublin Comic Arts Festival (DCAF for short) is a quarterly event that takes the atmosphere of the Artist Alley and brings it into the city for a quarterly affair. Since March 2020, DCAF has run an artist relief fund, supported by its patrons on Patreon.

Dublin Comic Con is Ireland’s largest comic convention, with a large Artist Alley to support comic creators in the country.

Historically, Programme items have been specifically geared towards the creation and dissemination of comics from a small press level.

Octocon is Ireland’s National Science Fiction Convention, with whole sections of the programming targeted at comics and creators. It’s one of the longest running conventions in the country, taking place annually since 1990.

Among the Guests of Honour for 2022 is Michael Carroll, best known in comics for his work with 2000AD.

While not an Irish event, Thought Bubble in the UK is one of the leading comic events this side of the Atlantic, and receives an Irish invasion of creators every year.